One House.
Eleven Artists.
Five Months.
Three Parties.

Wide Open . . .


Almost all of the residents gathered together last weekend for drinks and supper in the backyard.  There was much laughter and story telling and getting to know each other better.  As it frequently does, the conversation turned to the wonders and frustrations of being an artist in Savannah. 

Our discussion reminded me of west coast curatorial guru Renny Pritikin’s, “Prescription for a Healthy Art Scene.”  Pritikin concisely outlines many of the same things we discussed the other night.  In reading this list again, I am not surprised to see that Savannah has a lot of room for improvement, but is well on her way …

Click on the image to see it larger and for more, here is a link to an interview Pritikin did with curator (and former SCAD student) Joseph del Pesco for Proximity Magazine.


Over the last several months, every time I’d see Troy, he’d close our conversation with something like, “I’m coming for your trees!!!”  I wasn’t exactly sure what he meant until he showed up at the house with heads and ladders.

Love how subtle they are from the front sidewalk and wonder, would I miss this if I didn’t know they were there? - especially the one up above the roof …

and how does lemur skin reflect the sea?

I’ve already posted pictures of Deb’s airbrushing skills, but wanted to include some of her gold leafing the windows, with, what she calls, “the poetry of today.” 

This one is a special present - it’s in the kitchen window that I cook under all the time.  It makes me laugh and when the afternoon light hits just right …

we get bonus patterns on the floor.

Adolfo, pt. 1

fast, free hand, incredible …

Recent goings on

Juliana gets started

Andrew turns a corner (brilliantly)

Deb becomes one with the airbrush

Deb Inside, Andrew Outside

In Residence documentarian-extraordinaire Geoff L. Johnson is off to Italy, so my camera phone will have to do for now …

Hebermehl, Part Two

Thanks, once again, to Geoff L. Johnson for the photos!
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Dr. Z

Dr. Z began with a swarm of sharks …

and then, on the day of the first In Residence Open House Party, he went big and bright!

Thanks, once again, to Geoff L. Johnson for documenting!